Kyla Brox Band   “Stargazing” from the album “Coming Home”

Kyla Brox on iTunes Produced and mixed by Sam Brox|Enigineered by Mike Walker

Bobby Nobody  ”Stitch Up”

Written, produced and engineered by Sam Brox|Additional engineering by Nicolai Holst|Mixed by Mike Senior

Spinkelman “Heart On Your Chest” from the EP “Hole In Your Soul”

Spinkelman on iTunes Mixed by Sam Brox|Produced by Spinkelman|Engineered by Vic Purple

Stars Burn Stripes   ”Books” from the 2-track pre-release album sampler

Stars Burn Stripes on iTunes Produced, engineered and mixed by Sam Brox

Kings of & Co.  “Blessed” for the ad agency & Co.’s Christmas party

Written, produced, and engineered by Sam Brox|Lyrics by HildaDK